In 2002, Imasol Financial Services Private Limited (IFSPL) was established with a vision that under the rapidly liberalizing and globalizing business environment in the country: 

Most family-managed Indian business especially the mid-sized ones would come under increased threat from multinationals and fast paced market dynamics.
Greater number of foreign business houses and investors would look at India as a preferred option and investment destination.
Consequently, knowledge-based consulting would find a strong place of importance in the business management and wealth creation process.

IFSPL is part of a financial and strategic  consulting fraternity which   caters to the crucial gaps  and vacuum that the bigger houses including MNC outfits have left in the market. Access to a personalized , at times even non-formal approaches to address the needs of relatively  smaller business entities and their need to get one window approach to solving their problems is the crucial focus of  IFSPL.

During 11+ years of its existence, IFSPL has educated itself on the Indian market and has built an effective network among decision makers in the banking community, select private businesses and relevant government departments and agencies. Equipped with knowledge, experience and understanding of both, domestic and international markets, and an effective network among key decision-makers, it is sufficiently equipped and ready to cater to the needs of both Indian and international businesses in setting up and conducting business in India in an effective  and  profitable manner. 

Today we have a respectable list of satisfied clients ranging in annual sales from Rs. 35 crore (US $ 7 million) to Rs 2500 crore (USD 600 million) and spanning diverse range of businesses like hospitality, textiles, software, aviation, renewable energy, engineering, real estate development etc. We are strong in the area of External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) with our clients drawn from various sectors. During this period we have syndicated nearly Rs. 900 crores (USD150 mio) for various businesses in debt financing, Rs 90 crore ( USD 15 mio) equity in stressed companies and are looking to place  Private equity placements in healthy mid market companies.
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